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Nature and Science Learning

Hi Everyone,

I am back from my Mini Vacation.(camping with my Cousins and aunt). It was a great feeling to be by the lake and just relax again. I had forgotten how much fun camping can be. I got the chance to watch my two little cousins 8 and almost 3 playing and pretending and it reminded me of all the fun times I had creating play adventures when I was a kid.
Being by the lake and the woods lends itself to lots of opportunities to learn about nature and science at any age. There are lots of ways that children can "learn" about nature and science and not realize it, because they are in their mind just "Experiencing" nature. Going on walks through the woods or along the beach is a great opportunity to create a  learning experience using games like "I Spy" which I did with my older cousin and he was a lot of fun. The other thing that this experience reminded me of from when I was a child, was  "Scavenger Hunts" we used to have these HUGE lists of…