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Language Development Through Sensory Play

Language development is a skill that can be encouraged through all forms of play. today I want to give you a few activities that will enforce Language using Sensory play and experiences. I like to play games that turn learning into fun. some of my favorites are Chica Chica Boom Boom which is a game taken from the book. It can be played as a group or one on one. This game enforces eye hand coordination and letter recognition. (for more details on this game search my blog for Chica Chica Boom Boom).
This is another wonderful game that can be played with kids who are learning to use and expand language. I like to offer a sensory station that has Shaving Cream or Sand Or Noodles and in this station I try to find small interesting objects that the children will be interested in investigating. I gather the children by saying " I spy With My Little Eye...  Something blue, Something that starts with the Letter "T" so on and so forth. this gets there attention and interest. then …

Play With Your Food ( Playdough, Noodles, Rice and Jello)

Hello Again Friends!Yes I am that teacher (Huge Smile). I encourage my students to play with their food! we paint with it, we run cars through it. We even squish it! This is not only a great way to encourage your children to TRY new things! but it makes the process of experiencing something new FUN! I do however actually use food to teach as well. I like to slice apples of different kinds in the fall and talk about how they all taste different even though the look the same on the inside. ( we also discuss how they Look Different as well). I like to use food for sensory play as well. This is where the PLAYING comes in! I like to make

Jello and put things in it (dino bones is always fun). Then I encourage the children to dig and squish to see what they can find. Jello is also great for playing "I Spy" sensory game. Beans and flour are also great things to use for sensory play and add things to them to change their texture.