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Open Ended "Loose Parts" Play With Super Heros

Hey Friends!

Who doesn't love super heroes?  I think we all have at some point in our lives. Super Heroes of course have Super Powers, These can be very useful in the classroom. especially when you want to engage your kids in physical activity. Stack up blocks and ask they what super power they want to use to try to knock them over( use old boxes so they fall over with your child's strength). a great Small Motor or Art activity that I love to do, is Making a Super Hero. give each child a person cut out... and let them use art pieces to create their own super hero. ( you can also give them a blank sheet of paper and let them create their super hero from scratch). I hope you enjoyed these activities and if  there something you might be struggling with? or feeling frustration around while you're creating and engaging at home?  leave me a message and I would love to create a solution based on your specific need.

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Kids Will Never Learn Sitting Still! (Simon Says Construction)

Every activity children engage in should be chosen by them. It Should be connected to their skills, Interests, or Needs . when children engage in these kinds of activities, they naturally grow and learn as they are exposed to new things. When they are interested in engaging with or learning more about a topic then they will naturally engage.

One of my new favorites that I will use over and over again, is "Simon Says" Construction. This is a game that we played today with my " Play and Learn Group".

I have created programs for learning and building news skills using play at home! These are yours to keep as your learn and grow using play! If you have enjoyed my "Simon Say Construction". Then you will enjoy the programs I have to share!  Come Join The Creative Campus: where you will find more details about THIS and other fun activities!

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Did you know that play is a great way to Practice and Grow Skills?

Here is how you can do it at home!

Play is the natural way that children learn and gain new skills. they explore their environment and use trial and error to figure out how things work. They also watch those around them to get inspiration for exploration. I love to get kids engaged in every day activities in a way that they feel they are just playing. children love to be helpful and do Grown Up Things. Why not make them fun and teach them to be independent at the same time! Encourage them to Put their own clothes away, or Clean their toys up. you can do this by using games that they have to chose items to put away like Color, Letter They Start With, Shape or Even Size.

Here are some fun ways to do that!
1) Button, Fold, Sort Cloths
2) Pour Dirt or Dig Holes
3) Stir, Roll, Measure Ingredients to Cook 

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Open Ended "Loose parts" Play With Fireworks

Everyone loves fireworks (even those of us who don't like the noise). I have some noise less ways for you and your friends to enjoy them together.  Make your own "fireworks" show. Fill a shallow container with shaving cream assist kids in dripping water colors into the shaving cream. Use Combs or sticks to draw in the shaving cream (slightly mixing the colors). Gently lay  a paper on the top and peel back. wipe off the excess.
Another activity I  like to do is to give each child a coffee filter and glue it to a colored square sheet of paper (as a background). Then you can be creative use tissue paper and glue to the filter. Or you can paint the filter. These are also very pretty. Last but defiantly not least fun. fill water balloons with paint. Let the kids either throw them at a wall that is covered in paper Or if you have a deck or porch, lay the paper on the ground and let the kids throw the balloons at the paper. (don't use a lot of water mostly paint). Just use en…