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Open Ended "LooseParts" with Stars and Planets

Stars and Planets (Loose Parts) Oh my Stars, are we going to have some fun!  do you have friends who like to learn everything their is to know about stars and plants? I have some fun activities to get them engaged. Let them create their own planet. give them different size circles, and let them design their planet . you can also get them to engage their language skills and creativity. talk to them about their planet and what itslike. Dictate what they say . IF some of your friends are more interested in stars over planets, give them some star shapes and night sky colored paper and encourage them to create a starry night sky. These are just a few of my favorite activities for this topic, and I hope you have as much fun with them as I have.
I love this theme, because it offers endless open ended fun and learning. Everyone can find something to enjoy with this theme. It doesn't matter if a child is more drawn to Science, Art  or Hands on construction. There are learning opportunities f…

Raising Helpers! Growing as We Play

Today I want to encourage you to get your kids involved in daily tasks. Let them help with meal prep. Label the doors and shelves with picture of items for the to choose from along with the number of items to take. Post pictured steps they need to follow to complete a task (dressing themselves, Feeding animals), and so on. Let them help with yard work. This may mean giving them one task such as scooping dirt into a pot with a shovel.  Its a great way to share one on one time and teach independence. Letting kids do things for themselves builds Self Esteem . Let them figure out how to complete the task on their own (trial and Error). Encourage Their Creativity and interest in doing things for themselves. Remember that your children are watching what you do, and they will use their play to Imitate your actions. "If they see you do it, They will want to try".

Questions For Learning and Engaging: ...

1) What do we need to complete this task?
2) What do we need to do first?
3) How w…

Open Ended "Loose Parts" Transportation

Welcome Back Friends! Transportation is a theme that has something for everyone!  Planes, Trains, Cars, Boats!  in the past my friends have enjoyed creating their own cars and boats and trains . I provide the boxes and they bring the transportation to life!  then they use them to create interactive play. So much fun!  I have also enjoyed putting Transportation themed  counters in the sensory area and let the children create their own  Train tracks, Road ways, or water ways for boats.

Transportation (Loose parts) This is a great theme that is not only perfect for young kids… but if you have older children, you can get them involved with this as well. The things you can do with transportation are endless. Really gets you to use your imagination and creativity. Is there something you might be struggling with? or feeling frustration around while you're creating and engaging at home?  leave me a message and I would love to help in any way I can.
Some of my favorite activities to do with t…