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An Early Holiday Present! ( Correction on Applesauce Playdough)

Hi everyone,

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and with it comes all the prep for Christmas. I wanted to let you know that I found a better version of my Applesauce Play dough That doesn't get all watery. You still Mix Equal parts Apple Sauce and Cinnamon They suggest starting with one cup of each.  but to that they say to add one teaspoon of white glue . I tried this and it actually works. I also add instead of glue I used flower. it holds together just like the glue. This is still my favorite recipe because its smells so good after its solid. You can either bake the ornaments after you cut them or you just let them dry on wax paper covered pans till hard.

Happy Holidays!!!!!

Recovering! I Will Get Back To Sharing Soon

Hi friends,

I just wanted to drop by and say hello. I haven't written in a while, This has been a crazy week. I have celebrated my birthday and  I am recovering from Thyroid surgery (yesterday). I haven't been with my friends at school this week. I hope your week is going well and you are enjoying what is left of fall. I will be back at it sharing ideas this coming week. I have Turkey activities I want to share and a lot more. As soon as it starts to snow here in my are I want to share a really cute snow activity I came up with too. In the mean time, I would love for you guys to share some fun activities you have done .

Talk To You Soon
Your Creativity Producer and Professional Mess Maker,

Theresa @ The Creative Campus