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Something I Wanted To Share! (This Is The First Time I am Posting This)

Hello Everyone! I was Going through all the content I have shared since starting my business, and I found something that I haven't shared in a long time!  I think it is something you will enjoy reading, and get some helpful tips from at the same time!  I would love to hear your thoughts. you can leave me a comment here or contact me through my website!  The content I want to share with you is at The link below
Creative Development Talk Have a look and let me know what you think.

Thanks so much!

Theresa @ The Creative Campus

A Holiday Gift From The Creative Campus To You And The Little Ones In Your Life!

Hello Everyone! As I Am Sure You Know.

The Holiday Season Is Apon us! If you are looking for a Non Toy Gift or Stocking stuffer for the little ones on your list this year, I have a great Option For You!
Join My Free Weekly Email Course
" 5 Activities To Promote Learning and Development"
(Each Week Will Be a Different Topic)

Print Each Week Out And Combine Them Together As A Gift. Providing Hours Of Hands On Fun!(If You Join Today You Will Get All 6 Weeks In Time To Give As A Gift).

Loose Parts Play!

Hi Everyone!
I wanted to talk to you today about, Loose Parts Play! This is something I recently discovered... and I LOVE IT!Instead of offering Teacher directed activities, I love the idea of offering pieces for play, as an invitation to explore and learn on their own. Letting the child create a game that is based on a theme.
the creativity is endless and totally personalized. You can offer this kind of play for Any Topic or Subject. this play lends its self well to Art, Science and Even Make Believe Play. You Could offer small parts for a "Monsters" theme. Offer your little ones Googlie Eyes, pipe Cleaners, Buttons, Paper cut outs .

Then give them different colors of play dough and let them make silly monsters! You would even do this with robots as well. I am so excited about using this Learning Method with my friends. The Math ideas are endless as well. Leaves, Trees, Pumpkin,  Snowmen! You can offer so many different materials depending on what your learning goal is. What …