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I want to invite you to view my Presentation around "Using Invitations To Play and Learn".

Good Morning! 

Did you know that I participated in the "Being a Good Mother Summit" that Tamsen Taylor has been hosting @ This is a FREE virutal Summit full of great content on all sorts of parenting subjects from "Overcoming Picky Eating Habits" to "Avoiding Overwhelm". 

 This weekend you can catch my Presentation on "Using Invitations to Play and Learn". I Think you will enjoy it! You can hear my training on "Using Invitations To Play".

I also have a Weekly Training Series where I give you Tips, Tools and Activities on a different subject each week!!store/creative-curriculum-weekly-training-series-eye-hand-coordination-week-1/
If you are looking for a community where you can find fun and engaging activities daily that will help you Play, Engage and Learn New Things!  I would love for you to join us at "Creative Campus Preschool Learnin…

Building Self Esteem and Teamwork! Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up!

Welcome To Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up!  ( Building Self Esteem and Teamwork!)

Over in my Fb Group and on our Page, We were talking about Building Self Esteem  and Teamwork!  I would love to invite you to check the video out and share with us how YOU build these skills?

Also, don't forget if you haven't checked it out yet. I participated in the "Being a better mom" summit, where I talked about using Invitations To Play to help overcome Picky Eating Habit's! you can catch that presentation here! the best part is the information is TOALLY FREE!

Have a great week! 

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From The Desk Of Your Creative Content Creator "Animals"

Tip:  Animal Theme is a great way to get your kids learning and moving
Tip: Listening activities are great ways to get kids learning about animals and using classification skills.
Tip: offering different materials and letting the kids mix them together is a great sensory building experience when learning about “Animal Homes”
What are you working on? What do you need? What are your goals? If you are looking for more details about any of these activities.  Join Us and Let Us Help You Learn Through Play!  OR  Make Me Your  Personal Creative Content Creator ! ( Insert Link To Call)
Include Top 10 Favorites I make this sound and move this way!  … Who am I      2)  Where Do I live Sensory Matching Experience      3)  Mix and match animals (animals that live in different areas cut in half)      4)  Whose footprint is it?      5) Move Like a ( choose different kinds of animals)      6) Build Animal Homes (Science/ Art/ Small Motor)      7…