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"Invitations To Play with Open Ended Loose Parts" (Letters, Chica Chica, Alphabet soup )

Hello Everyone!

As you know I am working on a theme this year.  I enjoy providing my friends with "Loose Parts" For play and letting them create their own play with  the parts. I do this by providing things that are connected to the theme we are talking about. I don't ever give instructions on how to use the items. I let the children explore the items and engage together. For Instance today I am writing to you about " "Letter" and a few themes that I enjoy using to Teach "Letters". For Alphabetsoup, I would set you small letters, Pictures of random items, and Cooking utensils. By Doing this, you encourage many different forms of learning. Language, Math, Science.  I hope you enjoyed these activities, and If there something you might be struggling with? or feeling frustration around while you're creating

Letters- Chica Chica LooseParts

Advice: Using Games and Sensory activities is a great hands on way to encourage children to engage in learning …