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My Thoughts On Language Development

Hi everyone!

 I wanted to write you a post and let you know about something I have been inspired to do ( thanks to all the reading I have been doing). I want to start writing blog posts on different topics and give ideas on effective ways to engage in the topic with young children. Sometimes these things will be about children who are Developmentally Delayed ( something I have studied for years) and sometimes it will be about topics that relate to children of all abilities. This time I would like to write about Language Development. I recently read some interesting books and articles on this topic, and learned a lot of interesting things. As I'm sure you know, we are all different kinds of learners. Some of us are Visual, Some of us are Hands on and some of us are Auditory. I happen to be a visual and hands on learner myself. If I try to learn about something through reading it in a book, forget I won't remember in 20 minutes from now. It is said that children at a young age n…

Freebies For My Friends!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are somewhere you can enjoy the spring weather. So many new things to discover and experience this time of the year. I often share things that I do in the classes I work with here with all of you and I encourage you all to share your favorite ideas as well. In the spirit of new changes all around, I want to give you a Free Gift. I encourage you to share this post with all of your Parent/Teacher friends as well and I will share with them also. The only catch is, in order to get your free surprise I would like for you to email me and tell me you read about this offer here on my blog, or on FB.

I look forward to hearing from and meeting you all!

Ms. Theresa

Love The Sunshine!

Today we made play dough gardens. we rolled out green play dough, and planted different foods, and play flowers in our gardens. This was a really fun way to bring spring alive. Then we made dot flowers which came out really cool. we used shape sponges and paint over different colors to make a flower adding a stem and leafs. I cant wait to meet with my friends again to learn about some new spring themed things. ( I'm working on something really cool).

Talk to you soon!

Ms. Theresa

March is Apon Us!

Hello Everyone!

I had a wonderful morning learning and playing with my friends today! I had the chance to have a wonderful conversation with some of their moms as well. I love getting to know such wonderful people. It's one of the best parts of being a teacher. Today in class, we talked about Rainbows.

We made rainbows in play dough. In art we used textures and paint to make rainbows as well.  These are some fun activities you can re create at home with your little ones. You can even make jell -o and add spring themed items for your children to play with. If you have any fun activities that you have used at home, Please feel free to post them here! I would love to hear some of the fun things you're doing.

We Will Talk Again Soon,

Your Creativity Producer and Professional Mess Maker,
Theresa @ The Creative Campus