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Merry Christmas!! (Cute GIft Ideas Inside)

Hi Everyone! Hope your having a wonderful holiday season so far! With all the hustle and bustle, I wanted to share two of my favorite Holiday ideas with you. I actually have done both of these with children from ages 2-5 and they all enjoyed it. The First is Painted Glass Globes, yes it sounds scary to paint with a two year old but I promise you this is all self contained and EASY!!! take the globe and let the child pick two colors. Drip a little paint into the globe one color at a time replacing the cover. Let the child SHAKE the globe to spread the paint and then repeat with second color. I added glitter with my older friends which looks really pretty. This is how ours turned out.
Then we made a wreath with noodles and  sticky pieces. This is another one that children of all ages will enjoy. You can also swap out the Christmas pieces for Winter or any other holiday and use this idea over and over again.  Merry Christmas and Happy New a Year from Ms. Theresa and Creative Campus!

Circle Christmas Trees and Fancy Snow Flakes

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! I love this time of year. The Shopping/Gift Giving, The Cooking and The Crafting! This is a wonderful time of year to work with your little ones to create art that makes wonderful Gifts and Keep Sakes. I as an adult make my own Christmas Cards every year, and Its a wonderful time for letting our little friends join in. I still have many of the wonderful holiday decorations that I made as a child! I am going to share with you two special activities my friends have recently done. The first is Circle Christmas Trees. the kids had soo much fun stamping these. You can use TP rolls or plastic cups of different sizes (super cute with different sizes).
 Then I gave the children shapes but you can use any art supplies you have around the house or classroom. These are what the children used to "decorate" their tree. I think they are adorable and I hope you do as well. Since It snowed over the weekend, my friends wa…