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Color Mixing

Hello Again! I have a wonderful Science oriented color mixing activity for you.  line a container with tin foil,

cover with shaving cream, drip food coloring or I Used Liquid water color (worked great) into shaving cream. You can use holiday oriented colors depending on when you use this activity. Provide the child with a stick or brush. ( I use popsicle sticks). Either let the kids make their own designs   OR encourage then to write their names  in the shaving cream which will spread and mix the colors.I encouraged my friends to make shapes as well. gently press white paper on top after your art is done, peel paper back. (if it sits too long the paper gets wet so be quick).
Scrape off excess and Enjoy Your Art! I hope you have as much fun with this as we did! I would love to hear your comments!

Transportation and Learning!

Transportation is a fun, Hands on and Creative Theme that I like to use to engage many areas of learning. Give Children Loose parts and encourage them to create their own Cars, Trains, Planes or other forms of getting around. I like to take this theme one step further, Providing children different kid's of blocks that can be stuck together ( bristle or magnetic) let the children use their creativity and build cars and so on. Then encourage them to create play using them.
I also like to give children boxes, Wagons and Scooters. Allow them to use their whole bodies to engage in creating Transportation. Allowing them to build Boats, or Trains and then pulling them into their Pretend Play is a wonderful way to Encourage Children to Build Creativity and Language. I hope you enjoy recreating these creative activities with your friends, and if you want more of these free ideas on a regular basis. Visit my website and join my FREE Email Program where I will send you 5 activities every week…

Gross Motor/Obstacle Courses

Topic: obstacle Courses and Gross Motor Games
Advice One Use Games To Increased Gross Motor Skills
I believe that using play is the best way to increase your child or students gross motor skills. This allows children to play and have fun with friends and yet they are building strength and coordination. I have a few favorite games that I like to use with my friends, and I encourage you to use them either at home or in your classrooms with your students.
Advice Two Obstacle Course (Going On a Bear Hunt)
This is a great activity that enforces gross motor skills and coordination. This game is one that can be created in the form of a physical course, or you can simply sit on the floor and go through the motions. Either way it’s a fun experience and uses listening and coordination skills.
Advice Three Keep it In The Air Game
This last game is one that can be uses in many different ways for many different themes. I call it “Keep It In the Air” you can use Balloons, Balls or even Crunched up P…