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Portable Busy Boxes!

Good Morning Everyone! I am very excited to tell you about and offer you a fun new activity. I call them "Busy Boxes", This is a great idea for when you want to give your children something quiet to do while your in public places such as "The Bank" or "Doctors Office" or even on and "airplane".
Although I have to admit while the activity was and is my creation. I have to credit my cousin Kim .D for the inspiration to offer them to you as a Product! Thanks Kim! she asked me if it was something I was selling as part of an event, to which I responded "No its just something im doing as a favor for a charity giveaway". However as the days passed this question she asked me REALLY bothered me! I couldn't figure out WHY( if I created this) am I not putting it out there for people?! SOOOO.......  Now I Am!   I am going to include a link to my pin on Pinterest and give you a way to contact me if you are interested in purchasing them. http://t…

Cooking, Math and Science

Cooking  Math and Science

Advice One Critical Thinking and Cause/Effect
(Math and Science Skills)
Cooking is a wonderful activity that creates fun interactive learning experiences with your children and students. What children don’t realize as they are cooking, is that they are also learning. They are using Math Skills (measuring) Science Skills (mixing wet and dry ingredients) They are even using their motor skills (Mixing, Rolling and even sometimes cutting with cutters). One of the things I love to use with children is Play dough. Not only can the children engage in the “Making” process, they also get to enjoy the finished product over and over again. I like to make a very easy Cinnamon Applesauce Play dough.Mix Equal Parts Applesauce, Cinnamon, and add flour little by little to help the thickening process.
Advice Two Creativity and Social skills.
Cooking is a wonderful activity to use to build social skills and creativity. Children can use a wide variety of products and food combin…

Scrap Art..... Fun For All Ages!

Welcome Back! 

I have something for you that I think your really going to enjoy! I know I am very excited to use it in class with my friends!  I call it "Scrap Art".

As you see it IS exactly what it sounds like! What I love about this is that the possibilities are ENDLESS. you can create anything with it that your mind can think up. The best thing is, it can be stretched or simplified for ANY age! you can make larger more abstract objects with older children using smaller objects. for younger children (as we did above) you can provide pre cut "Parts" to the art and allow then to decorate with the provided art supplies. I love to use confetti, Tissue Paper, Dry Pasta, Straws. I could go on and on!
In this version, we allowed the older children to create whatever they wanted. We provided them with contact paper, Wiggle Eyes and Recycled Art Work. Then the children cut them into whatever shapes they wanted. This is a fantastic art activity that works on all sorts o…