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Spring Into Action With Art!

Hello Everyone!

It has been a crazy day around here! Snow, then sleet, Then Ice and now Thunder Storms as a Sit here Writing this! I am not going to be with my little friends today, but I wanted to share a fun idea with you anyway. This one is a "clean" art idea that is totally process. I want you to give your children contact paper if you have it. If not regular paper will work but it will just be normal art. give them squares of colored tissue paper and tell them they are going to make a flower, that if its on tissue paper will double as a sun catcher! they will probably need a little help with the first few pieces, I suggest you show them how to play the pieces flat so they stick. Then just let the kids have a good time sticking pieces on their contact paper till their done. now you can either give them a piece of green construction paper for a stem or you can let them make their own with the tissue as well! up to you. I really like this one and I am going to do this with…

Happy Valentines Week!

Hello Friends,

I hope you had a fun Valentines Day! I wanted to share two things with you today. The first thing is a technique that I used this past week. We made scented paint! this was both a science experiment AND an art project that not only turned out amazingly, but the children all had fun doing as well. I took Tempra Paint and I added half a package of cool aid to the matching color. you have to stir it really well to make sure the powder all gets dissolved ( I didn't stir well enough and it turned into play dough at the bottom). The Science part is... that as you dissolve the powder into the paint, it starts to bubble and foam (looks really cool). The children in my class were all amazed!  THEN the fun art part started! I gave the children heart cookie cutters, and I had them dip into the paint mix, and stamp on paper! WOW were the results pretty! check this out.              
 I love how the Kool aid spreads as it soaked the paper. What you cant see from under the colors…

Skill Practice Boxes

Happy Valentines Week!

This is a great time of year to talk to our young friends, about Friends and ways to be kind. I will be sharing lots of fun activities in my class this week as well. Before I do that however, I wanted to share something if YOU My readers! I am creating skill boxes that will be for sale through my website in the coming weeks and months. Each box will talk about a skill area such as Color Recognition or Shape Practice est. If you are interested in any of these or have an idea for one you would like me to create, I encourage you to email me and share your ideas with me.  I will start out covering the basic skills and work up to requests from their. 

Enjoy Your Week,

The Creative Campus Preschool Program

Shape Robots!

Hi Everyone!

We are suffering from yet another snow storm! I will be so happy when spring finally gets here. I love the snow don't get me wrong, its a wonderful opportunity to play for our little friends.  That being said, today I want to share with you  Robots.
This is a fun topic for both boys and girls. This can also be shared with a wide range of ages, because you can break it down for your youngest friends and you can make it more detailed and difficult for your older ones. Sponges, boxes, Paper, Glue, Pipe Cleaners! Paint OH MY! put the supplies out and let your children/ students get creative. I would love to see what creations you and your children come up with! This activity will engage your child's creativity, Small Motor Skills as they paint or glue pieces to their creation. Recognition of their colors and shapes will also be exercised as they choose the materials and pieces that they want . Instead of posting my own pictures of the activity like usually do, I would…