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FREE Weekly Training Series! Building Independance and Decision Making Skills

Hi Everyone!

What are you working on? how can I help you Learn and Build Skills using Play? If you are looking for fun engaging ways to Learn and Build New Skills while learning about building Independence and Decision Making check this out! Then come share with us how you have used these activities, tips and tools to learn and engage.

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If you ever have any questions, or need help in any way creating Fun and Engaging activities You can always send me your questions and I will help you in anyway I can.

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From The Desk Of Your Creative Content Creator Newsletter Construction

Tip: Build Language Skills ( Direction giving games, Guessing Games)
Tip: Build Teamwork (Simon says construction,
Tip: Build Listening Skills ( What Does it do? Encourage the child to act out what different construction vehicles do) Show pictures of different ones.
What are you working on? What do you need? What are your goals? Join Us and Let Us Help You Learn Through Play!  OR  Make Me Your  Personal Creative Content Creator ! ( Insert Link To Call)
Include Top 10 Favorites Activities:
Build a city Build your favorite form of transportation ( can you make it move? ) Use Large or Small Blocks to Build Roads or train tracks. Put cars and trains in your playdough table. Use popsicle sticks to build houses or buildings. (decorate them with paint and other art pieces.) Talk about homes around the world and construct your favorite ones using Loose Parts. Create your own blueprint Build Sandcastles (mix try and wet sand) Gross motor game