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Your Invitation To Join Me @ The "How To Be A Successful Mother Summit!"

"Good Morning Everyone! 

If you are looking for an easy way to learn tips and tricks that will help you feel more productive as a mom and woman in general. I want to invite you to participate in something with me!

Starting today a friend of mine is running a summit for moms both working and stay at home! She has brought experts on a wide range of topics together.  the best part about this summit is you can participate at home on your own time!

you will learn about all kinds of stopics from: Overcoming Post Partum, Picky Eaters and how to overcome it, to my presentation on " Learning and Building Skills Using Invitations To Play".

This is a FREE summit, however once you listen to some of the presentations I encourage you to pay for access so you can go back an re listen to the content to get the most out of each one!


Don't Forget, to claim your FREE 30 …

From The Desk Of Your Creative Content Creator Newletter Robots

Tip: Robots is a great theme to use to practice building Speech
Tip: Building Robots is a great Art and Small Motor Activity

Tip: Use Robots Theme to build Eye Hand Coordination by seeking and finding robot parts.

Tool: Use a bin of Loose parts and a deck of cards with Each Part on it. Play "I Spy". As each person find the part on the card they chose, they get to add it to their robot. (provide each player with a robot outline).
What are you working on? What do you need? What are your goals? Join Us and Let Us Help You Learn Through Play!  OR  Make Me Your  Personal Creative Content Creator ! ( Insert Link To Call)
Include Top 10 Favorites
Robot Factory ( Create stations where you work on robots in different ways) Scavenger hunt Team work robot builder How To Build a Robot Instruction Book ( Child Dictated) Match the parts Small Motor Robots Robot Vests and Hats ( add knobs and buttons) What Is it Used For  Robot Question Game Stor…