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Thanksgiving Fun

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

I wanted to share some fun ideas with you that you can use to teach your young ones .

Paper Plate turkeys. This was so easy and only used products that everyone has at home in one form or another. I cut the middle out of a paper plate creating a ring. I gave my friends different colors of tissue paper (you can use any paper you have wrapping paper, Tissue paper or even construction). then they covered the outer edge as desired and glued a brown circle to the back for the eyes and beak. These are super cute and I cant wait to do them again!

Hope You Enjoy!

Celebration Fun

Happy December!!

Yikes where did the time go? This is the time of year that we celebrate many different things. I wanted to share with you some of the fun things that you can do while learning using this theme.

Cake is usually part of any party of celebration, in one form or another. This was a fun activity that you can do easily at home. I gave my friends a paper bowl and some art supplies. I let them decide how they wanted to create their cakes.
Every child chose to use different methods and objects. some wanted glue, Others only wanted paint. I think they all turned out super cute . I hope you enjoy this idea and have lots of fun creating your own celebrations at home!!

Halloween Fun

Hi Everyone! 

I am so sorry I didn't realize how long it had been since I last posted for you! I want to write a little about some fun stuff we did during October. We made Ghosts, Witches , Spiders and all kids of Sensory Fun.

This is one of my favorite ways to use art. Tissue paper is a wonderful learning experience for young friends. They love the sticky, soft sensory experience of the paper and the glue together. I thought these friendly witches turned out super cute . We also made Spiders and Webs. This was a great way for our friends to use their small motor skills. We started out spreading black string and pipe cleaners. We overlapped them to make spider web lines. Then We used Black paint and made hand print spiders with google eyes.  
Once cut out these are adorable Halloween D├ęcor and wonderful keepsakes. We Ended all this wonderful fun with Jello Sensory.

We added bugs and eye balls before the jello was solid for extra spooky fun!  I hope you enjoyed these ideas and I wil…

Spooktacular Art and Sensory

Hello Again Everyone!

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to post fun ideas for you all ! I have been busy working on new and exciting ways to work with you my friends. (More About That In Future Posts). Recently I did a fun activity with my friends that I think you might enjoy doing JUST in time for Halloween! We made cotton ball ghosts.

First we spread out liquid glue in a wavy pattern, Then we added our cotton balls by stretching them out and pulling them in spooky shapes.
Then to finish our spooky Ghosts, we added Google Eyes. Then to extend our sensory fun, we put shaving cream in our sensory table and dug for creepy crawly Items. This allowed our friends to use their eye hand coordination and small motor skills. These are just a few of the fun things that we have done so far this month. I hope you enjoy these and have lots of your own sensory fun at home! Don't forget that you can find lots more fun activities at my website Have A Spooktac…

Fall Fun and Trees

Happy Fall Everyone!

I hope your September has been great! I cant believe its already over. We had some much fun this month, and I wanted to make sure to share it with you. I also wanted to remind you that if you are ever looking for a fun activity to do with your little ones, you can always email me and I will send you free activity ideas. You can even Head over to my website and you can inquire about purchasing my programs and even working with my one on one! NOW on to the fun stuff :) . This month we talked about trees and how the leaves are starting to change and the weather is getting cooler.

I provided my friends with real pieces of bark, Play dough and shape beads and encouraged them to create their own trees.
We also talked about things that grow on and live in trees. I provided my friends with Paper Rolls as tree trucks and we made our own trees. We used Leaves, Pine Cones, Twigs and apples. these activities were w…

Changing Weather

Welcome Back Friends!

September is here again! I love this time of the year! not to hot, not to cold, the weather is Just Right! There are so many fun experiences we can have and create this time of year, and I cant wait to share my take on them with all of you. I would Love for you to leave me comments and share your ideas on the things that I post as well. I recently did a fun activity with my friends and I think you and your friends will enjoy this as well.
we made Weather Change Mobiles. We Made a Cloud which you can add rain drops to if you want to show rain clouds and white clouds as different ones. and we chose to make a sun as well. For older friends I would suggest creating snowflakes as well, however my friends wanted to move on to something different and we forgot about the snow. I love to create activities like this because it usually leads to science exploration and extension of play and learning.  Another Activity we did this month is a really fun Tree Activity! this one…

Sandy Science!

Hello Everyone!

Our summer is winding down, hard to believe. I wanted to share a really fun activity with you that can be done outside in the summer and brought indoors through the rest of the year. SAND! We did a unit on construction recently and used sand as a part of it.

We started out with dry sand which my friends tried to scoop and pile up. They quickly realized that it didn't work very well. Then I asked them what they thought we could do about making it pile up easier? as im sure you guessed, they all shouted ADD WATER!!! and so we did. this is what they did with the wet sand.
 Sand Castles Of Course! this is a great activity for children of all ages because the younger ones will enjoy the scooping and the pouring, while older ones will get more creative and stack and build with the sand adding more or less water to get the texture they want. To finish off our messy fun day, my friends wanted to construct some creations of their own. So we got out the art supplies and the…

Teaching To Individual Stregnths! (Inclusion and Special Abilities! )

Hello Everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about something that is very personal to me! I Believe we are seeing a shift in the ways in which we are approaching education. I believe we are starting to see a focus on the individual child and their needs which is a change from seeing large groups of children being taught to using one method that is said to be  "The Best". This is a concept that I believe in very strongly. I personally believe that we need to educate and even parent to each child's personal needs and skill levels. We all know that just because a group of children share the same AGE level, doesn't mean they share the same Educational level or Developmental needs. Some in the group will be further along in understanding of things, while others will not be quite where they should be. Because of this, I believe that as educators, we need to look at the needs of the group and chose topics and subjects to teach TO the whole group, using different methods for each …

Home School Through Play

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are having a wonderful summer. I wanted to share something with you and get your thoughts in return. I know a lot of parents are interested in the concept of Homeschooling and creating an active interest in learning while at home. I wanted to share with you some thoughts on the topic. I believe that Play not only is how children learn best and most naturally, Play also promotes and creates creativity. When children are allowed and encouraged to be creative you build a passion for learning. A passion for learning is the key to getting children engaged in learning which leads to them being able to take in all the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed as they grow through life into adult hood. Childhood is a time for learning and experiencing the environment around them. Play allows children to build confidence in their skills and knowledge at their own pace. That is why when I introduce a new topic or activity, I always test the idea first. By this I mea…

Happy 4th Of July Fun!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are as excited about the 4th Of July as I am! the fireworks are always fun to see and there are lots of fun things going on this time of year. I wanted to share with you real fast, something I came up with as an extension of our theme this week.

We used two different sized coffee filters, gluing them on top of one another. Then we used thinned out paint and decorated our fireworks. I would suggest letting the children color with crayons first to create background color. the children really had a lot of fun with this and I can't wait to use it again. The Children enjoyed making their own fireworks so much, that I decided to turn it into a sensory experience.
 I put shaving cream into the science table, and gave each child a different color paint. I told them to smear the paint and shaving cream using hair combs. This created our own fireworks display.

I hope you enjoy this activity at home, and have a Wonderful Holiday! Don't Forget, to Check out all the…

Multi Step Fish Art!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are as excited for summer as I am! a few weeks ago I started a Multi Step art Project with my friends. I wanted to share with you the details about the pictures that I have been posting on FB as well! I first gave the children a Blank Piece of Large Paper and encouraged them the paint it all blue.
Then we tried to add "Sand" you can use actual sand or Yellow Salt but ask you see here, the Salt Didn't Stick Well. Then I encouraged the Children to tear tissue paper and create Seaweed. Finally, For our last step I had my friends use their hand prints to create fish and finish their project! They had as much fun with this as I did watching them. You can make this as details or Simple as you or your friends wish.  I hope you enjoy!!

Robots Robots Everywhere!

This week we made Robots!!  this is by far one of my favorite themes to teach. You can do so much with these and stretch the fun to include sooo many ages. you can count parts you can sort parts by shape . The fun with this is endless. With my friends however, I kept the fun to art and Sensory/ Science. Here is a little peek at what we did.
One of my friends decided to use different items to start building a Robot. Combining Paint, Paper Shapes and Straws. This Friend decided to make a puppet. This one has lots of eyes and some cool antenna and Arms. This Robot is very complicated and has lots of buttons! We also decided to build some robots away from the art table. This is what we came up with!  We had a lot of fun with this subject, and I hope you have just as much fun making your own creations!

Sand, Sun, Shells, Fish and Art OH MY!

Hello Everyone!! I haven't written in a while, I just came back from a wonderful Mini Vacation to the Lake. Much Needed and now I'm ready to share with you all. Today I have something fun for you! we started a Multi Step Art Project!

This is step one. Next week we are going to add step two. My friends enjoyed this so much they started using their hands, which was a lot of fun. Check Back next week to see step two and see if you can figure out what were going to end up with after Week 4. We also made something that was a lot of fun.

We started with a half of a paper plate and added streamers of tissue paper to the bottom. Then we turned it over and painted it.
These Tissue paper Jelly Fish were a lot of fun. We also had Sand, Shells, Stones and Sponge Fish in your Sand Table. I hope you have as much fun with these ideas as we did! Leave Us a Comment On FB and let us know what you think .

Nature and Art What a Wonderful Combination!

Its May Friends!

This means summer is almost here! I love this time of year, because there are so many things going on around us that the opportunities to learn are endless. Flowers are growing, Trees are budding, Gardens are being planted and Animals and Bugs are Coming out to Play! These are all things that children are fascinated by and want to learn more about. I recently did some fun activities that used a lot of these experiences (even if they were pretend versions). I recently made some "Grass" for my friends to play in. In our grass we had "Bugs" which my friends squished and dug for in our grass.
We had lots of things to find in our grass: Spiders, Ants, Snails and so many more! can you see  all the different things? This kept my friends busy for a very long time which was exciting to watch. After they were with this we wanted to turn some of the things we saw in the grass, into art. so some of my friends made "Flowers" while others wanted to ma…

Weather Weather Everywhere!!

Welcome Back Everyone!

I hope you are having lots of fun and learning new things every day! I get the most enjoyment out of starting an activity with my little friends and watching them turn it into an activity of their very own. That is exactly what happened today. I started out with pre drawn art starters for my friends (cloud shapes) and my friends where very excited to see the Paint, Tissue Paper, Glue and other supplies I had out for them.
I was amazed to watch some of them choose the blank paper and start to make their own cloud art. Some left their art as a abstract piece of paper and others asked me to cut the edges into a cloud shape After their art was done! This is what some of them ended up looking like, I hope you love it as much as I did and make some of your very own! This activity was a great example of how to take one idea and stretch it across all Ages, Skill Levels and Creative Expressions. I love doing this kind of activity and watching the children have as much fun…

String Art and So Much More

Hi Everyone!

I have some very exciting things I want to share with you. I have been having a lot of fun with my friends recently and our most recent Art Experience took on a life of its own. I started out introducing a string art activity, and my friends decided that they liked their own methods better (that happens sometimes). Take a look at what my friends came up with. I hope it Inspires you to engage your own creativity.
Originally the strings were taped to the trays and the paint was ON the strings so that no brushes were used.  My friends were supposed to flick the strings to make their pictures. They didn't like the ideas of using the strings so they started painting around the strings and as they came off the trays, they started to mix the strings in the paint. This is an activity that can be used for many different themes. the children had a lot of fun with this as well.