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Teaching To Individual Stregnths! (Inclusion and Special Abilities! )

Hello Everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about something that is very personal to me! I Believe we are seeing a shift in the ways in which we are approaching education. I believe we are starting to see a focus on the individual child and their needs which is a change from seeing large groups of children being taught to using one method that is said to be  "The Best". This is a concept that I believe in very strongly. I personally believe that we need to educate and even parent to each child's personal needs and skill levels. We all know that just because a group of children share the same AGE level, doesn't mean they share the same Educational level or Developmental needs. Some in the group will be further along in understanding of things, while others will not be quite where they should be. Because of this, I believe that as educators, we need to look at the needs of the group and chose topics and subjects to teach TO the whole group, using different methods for each …

Home School Through Play

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I hope you are having a wonderful summer. I wanted to share something with you and get your thoughts in return. I know a lot of parents are interested in the concept of Homeschooling and creating an active interest in learning while at home. I wanted to share with you some thoughts on the topic. I believe that Play not only is how children learn best and most naturally, Play also promotes and creates creativity. When children are allowed and encouraged to be creative you build a passion for learning. A passion for learning is the key to getting children engaged in learning which leads to them being able to take in all the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed as they grow through life into adult hood. Childhood is a time for learning and experiencing the environment around them. Play allows children to build confidence in their skills and knowledge at their own pace. That is why when I introduce a new topic or activity, I always test the idea first. By this I mea…

Happy 4th Of July Fun!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are as excited about the 4th Of July as I am! the fireworks are always fun to see and there are lots of fun things going on this time of year. I wanted to share with you real fast, something I came up with as an extension of our theme this week.

We used two different sized coffee filters, gluing them on top of one another. Then we used thinned out paint and decorated our fireworks. I would suggest letting the children color with crayons first to create background color. the children really had a lot of fun with this and I can't wait to use it again. The Children enjoyed making their own fireworks so much, that I decided to turn it into a sensory experience.
 I put shaving cream into the science table, and gave each child a different color paint. I told them to smear the paint and shaving cream using hair combs. This created our own fireworks display.

I hope you enjoy this activity at home, and have a Wonderful Holiday! Don't Forget, to Check out all the…