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What Do You Need More Of? How Can I Help?


I hope your week has been great!  I hope you have learned a lot and had just as much fun doing it. I just wanted to stop by and ask you a few questions!  What are you learning right now?   What do you wish you had more of so that you could learn and engage more freely? How Can I help you on your learning Journey?  I will help you in any way I can to create a fun and engaging activity to learn together!  I cant wait to hear from you.  In Case you haven't seen it yet, here is a great resource that might help you get the creative juices flowing as well. I answer new questions every Friday! You can submit your questions here :

Tomorrow I will have something special to share!

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Hello Friends!
It is Science and Sensory Tuesday! All Month Long We have been talking about Animals. I hope you have enjoyed these activities and questions and learning a lot along the way! ( If You Haven't Been Seeing Them, You Can Join Here:

Today I want to share a brown bear activity with you! Read the story Brown Bear What Do you See (or your favorite version). As you go through the story, have the children move the way they think each animal moves and Make the sound that they think each animal makes. This is a great way to get kids engaged in story telling.

Questions For Learning and Engaging:
1) Do all Animals Talk The Same Way (communicate)?
2) Why Does A (pick animal) Move The Way It Does?
3) What Is Your Favorite Animal? Why?

Don't Forget, I am Taking Your Questions all week. If you are struggling to Create a Fun Learning Experience, Leave…

It's Small Motor Monday! I have something I want to share with you!

Good Morning Friend!

As you may know, for the month of April we are talking about Animals. In keeping with this theme, I want to share a fun Small Motor activity with you.
Today is a beautiful day to get outside and have some fun. Go outside and encourage your little friends to collect sticks rocks and all sorts of fun things. Then create a "Build an Animal" Game. Sort all the pieces into piles.... then give each pile an number. you can take turns either flipping over number cards or rolling a dice. Pick the piece from the number chosen, and add to your animal! Also Don't Forget! Every Friday I respond to your questions that I receive throughout the week. Here are some of the ones I answered Friday. Incase you missed it. I answered questions on making math fun! I hope you enjoy and I cant wait to get your questions.

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Do You Struggle To Make Learning Math Fun For Your Little Ones? I have something for you!

Happy Friday Creative Friends,

Today I want to share something with you that I think you will enjoy!  I get a lot of questions through my website each week, on how to bring together Learning, Growth and Play! People say it seems impossible. I promise you it is NOT! I have created something for you that I will post every Friday! I can't wait to hear from all of you! Head over and take A look, I just posted some fun things on math Today! Don't forget, I will also be sharing a Small Part of my Soon to be launched " Invitations to Play with Loose Parts" Program. Each Week you will get a small piece of the whole year program that I will offer later this year!

Have a Great Weekend, and Keep Your Questions Coming!  I love to Answer them and share the fun activities I have learned! 

Your Creativity Producer and Professional Mess Maker! 

Theresa @ The Creati…

This Weeks Invitation To Play !

Hello Creative Friend!

As you may know, I started using a Theme this year " Invitations To Play With Open Ended Loose Parts". As a part of this theme each day, I share questions and activities for learning Using play. You can find them by Joining my Fb Group . Today I want to share with you my favorite one from this week!

T. G . I . F ! Today I want to share an Invitation with you that will wrap up all the activities we talked about this week. Earlier this week I encouraged you to create your own version of an animal book like Brown Bear! Today I want to encourage you to make your favorite animal. My Favorite way to do this is to use a Brown Paper Bag! you can stuff it if you wish depending on what animal your going to make! you can leave it empty and turn it into a puppet. Totally up to you!

Today's Questions For Engaging and Learning:
1) What can we use to make our animal?
2) What Animal Are we going to make?
3) …

Create and Grow With The Creative Campus Weekly Solutions!

Hello Friends! 

I hope you have had a wonderful week. As you know, I have recently created a new theme that I am focusing on this year. " Invitations To Play With Open Ended Loose Parts Play". I have been sharing Invitations daily, and this has brought with it a lot of questions. People are interested in learning how they can use this  concept in different areas of Learning and Growth.  I love answering peoples questions and helping them Create Learning and Growth as they play.  I want to share with you a new way I have created to share this information. Then I post Activities and Solutions Every Friday.  I would like to invite you to send me your questions.
I call it " Create and Grow Weekly Solutions".  I take your questions all week: have also been sharing "Invitations" over on my Fb Page.…

Open Ended Play with "Loose Parts" Bugs and Gardens

Gardens is a theme that you can use several times.  you can use it to talk about food or you can use it to talk about flowers and plants. To be honest, I'm not sure which is more fun. I like to offer dirt in the sensory area, I leave out material flowers, gloves and garden tools (kids size). I let the kids decide what kind of garden they are gonna create and what they want to put in it. I also like to use this theme as a science experience. I let the kids plant real plants and then over time I encourage them to take care of them as they grow. when they areready the get planted in the ground. you can further the activity by cooking with their produce.  These are just a Few of my favorite ways to work with this theme.Bugs and plants as a theme is one of the few that i get a little carried away with. You can use it for so many things in so many ways. the fun is endless from scavenger hunts to Gross motor and everything in between.
Some of my favorite ways to use this theme are:

1) Pla…

Open Ended "Loose Parts Play" With Clouds

Clouds!  this is a really fun theme. you can even use this one with different age ranges together.  The pictures included in this post are a few of my favorite activities I have done with this theme. Printing clouds with puffy glue is a fun art activity that engages Eye Hand Coordination.

Read the book "It Looked Like Spilt Milk" and print out the images. you can use them for fun Gross Motor activities. Gather the kids together and do a Cloud themed "move Like A" Game. Play Music and One at a time, pull the pictures from a container. Tell the students, "Move Like A.... Mitten, Bird" Ect. You can also Display the pictures around a room, and walk around the room giving clues about the pictures they might find.
Clouds and Loose Parts  Invitations To Play and Learn
This is a great sensory subject that can be used in so many ways. I love to use cloud activities in the sensory area. The Science area allows the children to investigate and experiment. It's also …

The First Ever Creative Campus Activity Challenge! Bugs, Gardens

Hi!  Welcome To The First Ever Creative Campus Activity Challenge!

This Month I shared some of my favorite ways to engage in learning about FARMS! Here are a few in case you missed them on my Fb Page (
One of my favorite things to do with kids of many different ages, is called "What Is It"? you can put food, Plants or even animals into a container. create descriptive questions, and starting with one question. Let the children feel the item without looking and guess what is inside. this is a great activity for Thinking skills and Sensory experiences

1) Animal Voices: Provide pictures of animals and play recordings on the noises they make. ask the children guess them correctly have them choose the correct animal from the pile till all are chosen.

2) Animal Match : Find Pictures of animals and their babies. display the pictures and allow children to take turns matching adults with their babies.
3) Life Size Animals: talk about ho…