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25 Days of Christmas and Winter Activities.... Week 5

Sensory /Science

Scented Play dough

Art Snow Globes . Use Plastic Jars Or wide mouthed bottles. Fill with objects and glitter.

Lang Dev

Child Directed Winter Stories ( use prompts)


Christmas Light Strand (Color, Number, Letter, Shape) Patterns Game

Dramatic Play
North Pole ( who lives there )

25 days of Christmas and Winter Activities.... Week 4

Pasta Wreath

Lang Development

 Move like a........ (jingle bell, snowman, )


Tree and small parts game (number or letter game  "add 3 items that start with " ")
Dramatic Play Life Size Candy Land  Game
Sensory/ Science  Write in the snow (Kool-Aid)

25 days of Christmas and Winter Activities.... Week 3

Glue/ white paint with glitter  hand print snow flakes

Sensory/ Science

 Marshmallow Building


Ice Cream Sundae Game
Lang Dev

 Build a Snowman (one to one core) Use picture cards and Assigned numbers

Dramatic Play
Ice skating With Plastic bag skates

25 Days of Christmas and Winter Activities Week 2....

Dramatic Play
1) Make A Winder Wonderland

2)Splat Painting (Circle) Snowflake

Sensory Science
3) Marshmallow snowball fight
4)Language Development
Child Dictated Favorite Treat Recipe
5) Math
Marshmallow in hot chocolate Memory Math
Cut and Create hot chocolate cups with numbers on each one. Then make cups with marshmallows in the cups in the same amount to match the numbered cups.

25 Days of Christmas and Winter Activities.... Week One 5 Activities

Happy December Everyone! I am offering a special blog series for the month of December! each week I will share 5 activities for you to use and learn with. Each activity will be connected to Winter Or Christmas in some way! I hope you enjoy using these as much as I have Enjoyed Creating Them!

Circle Christmas Tree

Language Development
Snow Charades

Snow construction (frozen Shave Cream)


Ice Cream Sundae (cut scoops of ice cream, Cherries, Sprinkles and Flavored topping). Give each player a bowl or cone shape. assign each item a number. using either number cards or dice, each player takes a turn and selects the item of their number. The first person to add all the items to their ice cream wins!

 Dramatic Play

Build Ginger Bread Houses With Boxes use a variety of your favorite art products and be creative!

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Something I Wanted To Share! (This Is The First Time I am Posting This)

Hello Everyone! I was Going through all the content I have shared since starting my business, and I found something that I haven't shared in a long time!  I think it is something you will enjoy reading, and get some helpful tips from at the same time!  I would love to hear your thoughts. you can leave me a comment here or contact me through my website!  The content I want to share with you is at The link below
Creative Development Talk Have a look and let me know what you think.

Thanks so much!

Theresa @ The Creative Campus

A Holiday Gift From The Creative Campus To You And The Little Ones In Your Life!

Hello Everyone! As I Am Sure You Know.

The Holiday Season Is Apon us! If you are looking for a Non Toy Gift or Stocking stuffer for the little ones on your list this year, I have a great Option For You!
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Loose Parts Play!

Hi Everyone!
I wanted to talk to you today about, Loose Parts Play! This is something I recently discovered... and I LOVE IT!Instead of offering Teacher directed activities, I love the idea of offering pieces for play, as an invitation to explore and learn on their own. Letting the child create a game that is based on a theme.
the creativity is endless and totally personalized. You can offer this kind of play for Any Topic or Subject. this play lends its self well to Art, Science and Even Make Believe Play. You Could offer small parts for a "Monsters" theme. Offer your little ones Googlie Eyes, pipe Cleaners, Buttons, Paper cut outs .

Then give them different colors of play dough and let them make silly monsters! You would even do this with robots as well. I am so excited about using this Learning Method with my friends. The Math ideas are endless as well. Leaves, Trees, Pumpkin,  Snowmen! You can offer so many different materials depending on what your learning goal is. What …

Color Mixing

Hello Again! I have a wonderful Science oriented color mixing activity for you.  line a container with tin foil,

cover with shaving cream, drip food coloring or I Used Liquid water color (worked great) into shaving cream. You can use holiday oriented colors depending on when you use this activity. Provide the child with a stick or brush. ( I use popsicle sticks). Either let the kids make their own designs   OR encourage then to write their names  in the shaving cream which will spread and mix the colors.I encouraged my friends to make shapes as well. gently press white paper on top after your art is done, peel paper back. (if it sits too long the paper gets wet so be quick).
Scrape off excess and Enjoy Your Art! I hope you have as much fun with this as we did! I would love to hear your comments!

Transportation and Learning!

Transportation is a fun, Hands on and Creative Theme that I like to use to engage many areas of learning. Give Children Loose parts and encourage them to create their own Cars, Trains, Planes or other forms of getting around. I like to take this theme one step further, Providing children different kid's of blocks that can be stuck together ( bristle or magnetic) let the children use their creativity and build cars and so on. Then encourage them to create play using them.
I also like to give children boxes, Wagons and Scooters. Allow them to use their whole bodies to engage in creating Transportation. Allowing them to build Boats, or Trains and then pulling them into their Pretend Play is a wonderful way to Encourage Children to Build Creativity and Language. I hope you enjoy recreating these creative activities with your friends, and if you want more of these free ideas on a regular basis. Visit my website and join my FREE Email Program where I will send you 5 activities every week…

Gross Motor/Obstacle Courses

Topic: obstacle Courses and Gross Motor Games
Advice One Use Games To Increased Gross Motor Skills
I believe that using play is the best way to increase your child or students gross motor skills. This allows children to play and have fun with friends and yet they are building strength and coordination. I have a few favorite games that I like to use with my friends, and I encourage you to use them either at home or in your classrooms with your students.
Advice Two Obstacle Course (Going On a Bear Hunt)
This is a great activity that enforces gross motor skills and coordination. This game is one that can be created in the form of a physical course, or you can simply sit on the floor and go through the motions. Either way it’s a fun experience and uses listening and coordination skills.
Advice Three Keep it In The Air Game
This last game is one that can be uses in many different ways for many different themes. I call it “Keep It In the Air” you can use Balloons, Balls or even Crunched up P…

Counting, Color Recogniton and Size Comparison! Apples, Leaves and Pumkins!

Happy Fall Everyone! I love this time of year. There are so many fun learning experiences we gain at this point in the year. Pumpkin's and all their fun textures. Leaves and the different sizes and colors. The learning goes and goes! Because of this I wanted to share with you some fun learning activities I have created around these concepts.
I have a fun leave/ Apple Game that I created when I was working with 3&and 4 year old preschoolers. I made these cute bushels with numbers on them and then I printed Leaves and Apples of different colors and Shapes. I labeled the bushels with numbers as well. Depending on the theme of the week, I lay out the bushels and I provide either the apples or the leaves ad I encourage the children to take turns picking a number card. Then we sing the child's name and say "picked an (color apple) from the apple tree"... and thenthey put that color in a bucket. Or we say "child's name" picked a certain number of apples fro…

Child Directed Stories

Hi Everyone! today I would like to Talk about using story starters. I like to use these to engage students in learning about a new topic. Showing children pictures of people or objects and asking them either about what is in the picture or asking them to build a story about the object or the activity engages critical thinking Language Development tools.  

 Another fun activity I like to use with young children is picture displays. I like to take apart or reproduce pictures from my favorite repetitive speech stories and post them for the children at their level. I encourage them to say the words to the stories along with me. Some easy ones to use for this are Brown Bear Brown Bear or The Very Hungry Caterpillar. You can even engage the children in creating their own versions of these and picking their own pictures to add to them.  

 The possibilities for using this activity are endless, and can be stretched for all ages. I hope that you come to enjoy this activity as much as I have over…

Language Development Through Sensory Play

Language development is a skill that can be encouraged through all forms of play. today I want to give you a few activities that will enforce Language using Sensory play and experiences. I like to play games that turn learning into fun. some of my favorites are Chica Chica Boom Boom which is a game taken from the book. It can be played as a group or one on one. This game enforces eye hand coordination and letter recognition. (for more details on this game search my blog for Chica Chica Boom Boom).
This is another wonderful game that can be played with kids who are learning to use and expand language. I like to offer a sensory station that has Shaving Cream or Sand Or Noodles and in this station I try to find small interesting objects that the children will be interested in investigating. I gather the children by saying " I spy With My Little Eye...  Something blue, Something that starts with the Letter "T" so on and so forth. this gets there attention and interest. then …

Play With Your Food ( Playdough, Noodles, Rice and Jello)

Hello Again Friends!Yes I am that teacher (Huge Smile). I encourage my students to play with their food! we paint with it, we run cars through it. We even squish it! This is not only a great way to encourage your children to TRY new things! but it makes the process of experiencing something new FUN! I do however actually use food to teach as well. I like to slice apples of different kinds in the fall and talk about how they all taste different even though the look the same on the inside. ( we also discuss how they Look Different as well). I like to use food for sensory play as well. This is where the PLAYING comes in! I like to make

Jello and put things in it (dino bones is always fun). Then I encourage the children to dig and squish to see what they can find. Jello is also great for playing "I Spy" sensory game. Beans and flour are also great things to use for sensory play and add things to them to change their texture.