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Open Ended Play with Animals and Loose Parts

Bears, and Snakes and Birds Oh My! 

Animals is a fun theme that everyone gets into. I have to admit that brown bear is one of my favorite books. I have created a lot of fun activities around that book. I like to put out sand/dirt, hay and grass for the kids to play with.
then I give them a play barn with animals. this is a great way to combine sensory play and make believe play into one. I also love to play a game called "move like a".... and I call out different animals. its a great way to get the kids moving. I love to do art with this theme too. Some of my favorite things to do are: Making Snakes. You can do this several ways, Cut a small plate into a swirl and let the kids decorate it. OR you can cut strips of paper and trim the edges into the shape of a snake. (this is my favorite way). I give the kids paint dabbers and art pieces and let Their creativity run wild.
Of course no animals theme is complete without " What is It"? I have a container with small obj…