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A New Year Suprise From Your Creativity Producer and Professional Mess Maker and The Creative Campus!

Happy Holidays Everyone! 

I hope your holidays are off to a wonderful start. I have an exciting surprise for you going into the New Year! 


that's right. I have compiled my favorite activities and turned them into a book that you can use to learn a New Skill each week of the new year! I give tips, tools and of course an activity for each day of the week. I know you will enjoy this book as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

The great thing about this book is that you can use these activities over and over. You can swap out the themes or the learning tools you use while keeping the goal and structure of the activity. That was the inspiration behind this book. I wanted to give you my favorite activities, but put them together in a way that they could be used over and over again with different themes, and outcomes.If you want to get on the list to get a copy of this book BEFORE it comes out on January 1st! you can add your name and information to the list Here:

12 Days Of Christmas! Funday Friday! (keepsakes)

Funday Friday! I think we all love Keepsake Projects! I would like to offer you a few options that i always enjoy! 1) Shape christmas Trees! ( use cups or containers dipped in paint). I also love to do this with hand prints layered in the shape of a tree. Then my favorite part! get out the loose parts and art pieces. Decorate your Tree! 2) Gingerbread or Cinnamon Playdough! make your own playdough. this is great small motor pratice as well as a great way to built attention span, as you give step instructions. roll out the dough and encourage the children to use Cookie Cutters. (great eye hand coordination). Then either bake them or let them dry out. They Smell Great! I am also issuing a Challange with a Gift From me to you! you can read the details here! TODAYS CHALLANGE! Today I want to know what your favorite Holiday/ Winter Activity is and why?  Head over to my fb group and share your favorites! as a thank you for participating  I will give you "30 minutes of my time"…

10 Kinds Of Curriculum I Like To Create When Working WIth Kids, Parents and Caregivers To Learn

Good Morning Everyone! I am back with another gift for you during my "12 Days Of Christmas".  Today I wanted to give you some examples of activites that I create when I am working with someone who is looking to Learn and Build New Skills as they Play!  Below are just a FEW of the types of things I have created for people based on what their child needs, what their child's learning style is and their current skills level. 1) Math Activities and Games 2) Science Experiences and Experiments 4) Language /Vocabulary Building Game 3) Routine Step Schedules 5) Small Motor Skill Builder Activities 6) Sensory Experiences   7) Gross Motor Games 9) Anxiety Reducing Activities for Separation and other situations ( step by step Routines) 10)  Critical Thinking/ Problem Solving Skills
See Something You Want or Need to help your child Learn, Create or Engage as they Learn and Build New Skills? Let’s Have a Talk!  Schedule a “30 Minute Creative Curriculum Call”.  We will talk about your chil…

" The Ways To Work With Me" ! ( Your Creativity Producer and Professional Mess Maker)

As you may know if you have been following me for a while, I offer programs and services that create activities for learning and skill development through play experiences. These Programs and Services include :

1) "Invitations to Learn and Grown Through Open Ended Play" (Year Long Program) : This is a theme based program that offers DONE for your activities in many learning areas such as Art, Science and Gross Motor!

2) Personalize Curriculum Creation Coaching: based on your child's Needs, Interest and Skills. We set goals and make a plan to achieve those goals.…/#!

3) Free 30 Minute Creative Curriculum Creator Call :where I get to know you and your child. What you need and then create 5 activities for you to use and keep.
OOOPS! Forgot one
Coming in January I will also be Offering a WEEKLY Free Training! I will share the details on this at a later date. I know you will fin…

12 Days Of Christmas with Your Creativity Producer and Professional Mess Maker and The Creative Campus! Day One

This week I am going to share with you some fun information around ways you can use play to Learn and Build New Skills ALL YEAR ROUND!

Today I want to start with:

5 Benefits you will get as you use "Invitations to Learn and Grown Through Open Ended Play".

1) Play Experiences that will engage and teach and Build New Skills

2) Engagement Opportunities for you and your child to relax and have fun together during this hectic time of the year, that allow you to learn as you play.

3) Together you will Build Creativity

4) I put all the ideas together for you so all you have to do is "Pick and Activity and Play".

5) you may NEVER hear "I'M BORED" Again! ( These activities are reusable because they are personalized and can be changed based on your child's Inspiration).

IF you are interested in learning more, let's set up a 30 minute FREE Creative Curriculum C…

Open Ended "Loose Parts" Play With I Spy

I Spy with my little eye, all my friends who are reading this!  I think your really going to enjoy some of the ideas I have for you on this theme. I love hands on and even messy Learning!  so one of my favorite ways to use this theme is to offer a I Spy Jello Dig! float objects in Jello and solidify. let the children squish, dig, scoop to their hearts content! then talk about the different things they have found. you can tell stories about the objects you have found (this is a lot of fun).

I even love to do I SPY inspired art. give the kids themes to choose from, you can even use learning topics... and let them go through magazines or art pieces and glue things on that connect to their chosen topic . I hope you enjoyed these activities, andIf there something you might be struggling with? or feeling frustration around while you're creating and engaging at home?  leave me a message and I would love to help in anyway I can. Leave me a comment below or your can Email me fragileangel@w…