10 Kinds Of Curriculum I Like To Create When Working WIth Kids, Parents and Caregivers To Learn

Good Morning Everyone! I am back with another gift for you during my "12 Days Of Christmas". 
Today I wanted to give you some examples of activites that I create when I am working with someone who is looking to Learn and Build New Skills as they Play! 
Below are just a FEW of the types of things I have created for people based on what their child needs, what their child's learning style is and their current skills level.
1) Math Activities and Games
2) Science Experiences and Experiments
4) Language /Vocabulary Building Game
3) Routine Step Schedules
5) Small Motor Skill Builder Activities
6) Sensory Experiences  
7) Gross Motor Games
9) Anxiety Reducing Activities for Separation and other situations ( step by step Routines)
10)  Critical Thinking/ Problem Solving Skills

See Something You Want or Need to help your child Learn, Create or Engage as they Learn and Build New Skills? Let’s Have a Talk!  Schedule a “30 Minute Creative Curriculum Call”.  We will talk about your child’s Needs, Skills and Interests. I will create 5 activities to help you and your child reach your goals, using play.



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