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"Open Ended Play" with Loose Parts and Construction

I don't know about you! but I love using the Construction theme! I love to work with the kids to build stuff... and then of course to DESTROY Muahhahah!  Construction can be used in so many fun ways. you can build a cave for pretend play. You can Build Towers in the sand table (hence the DESTROY). They can even build their own house or other building, which is great small motor, eye hand coordination and Art All wrapped into one! If you are looking for more of a full body approach, you can use large blocks and mats, even folding tents to Construct obstacle courses, Make believe play structures.

Construction (Loose parts)
I love this theme because it gets kids moving and communicating. You can turn any learning area into a construction zone (i know that sounds scary, but it doesn't have to be). You can use blocks and encourage children to build life size buildings. You can use art as construction. Sensory experiences can be construction zones as well. Is there something you might…

The Creative Campus Online Community Event! "Open Ended Play" Programs Coming in 2016~

If you are wondering "How can I teach my child math skills without them loosing interest"? I have something your going to want to read. First I would ask, "What is your child' s favorite way to learn"? do they learn best by Doing, Listening or Watching? something being taught to them? that is the first step to engaging your child's attention and getting them to WANT to learn. Once you figure that out you can use things they are interested in to teach all learning concepts.  I have created Several courses on this theory. Some of them create the activities for you so all you have to do is  play and learn! others are more of a team effort. I have you fill out some information about your child, Their needs, Interests and skills. Then I take that information and ask you to set goals for your child's learning and Development. Once we have goals set I create Activities based on your child's Interest Skills and  goals you have set. by using these activities…

"Open Ended Play" with Shapes

Welcome Back Everyone! Using loose parts and shapes together, Now that sounds like endless fun to me. You can learn so many things with this concept. Math, Make Believe, Art. You can use shapes to pretend you are a chef and making food. You can use shapes to make all sorts of fun art. you can even use shapes to learn math. sorting out shapes by size or color. Adding Shapes to create a picture or to complete a pattern. the learning experiences are endless.  you can even go on a "shape Hunt".hide shapes in your yard or any room you use for learning. then give each child a shape they are responsible for finding. then give them a verbal clue where they might find their shape EX: I am something sweet you like to eat, but I am kept on a shelf. (answer: I am an ice cream cone in the pantry).

I hope you enjoyed these activities and if  there something you might be struggling with? or feeling frustration around while you're creating and engaging at home?  leave me a message and …