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Fall Fun and Trees

Happy Fall Everyone!

I hope your September has been great! I cant believe its already over. We had some much fun this month, and I wanted to make sure to share it with you. I also wanted to remind you that if you are ever looking for a fun activity to do with your little ones, you can always email me and I will send you free activity ideas. You can even Head over to my website and you can inquire about purchasing my programs and even working with my one on one! NOW on to the fun stuff :) . This month we talked about trees and how the leaves are starting to change and the weather is getting cooler.

I provided my friends with real pieces of bark, Play dough and shape beads and encouraged them to create their own trees.
We also talked about things that grow on and live in trees. I provided my friends with Paper Rolls as tree trucks and we made our own trees. We used Leaves, Pine Cones, Twigs and apples. these activities were w…

Changing Weather

Welcome Back Friends!

September is here again! I love this time of the year! not to hot, not to cold, the weather is Just Right! There are so many fun experiences we can have and create this time of year, and I cant wait to share my take on them with all of you. I would Love for you to leave me comments and share your ideas on the things that I post as well. I recently did a fun activity with my friends and I think you and your friends will enjoy this as well.
we made Weather Change Mobiles. We Made a Cloud which you can add rain drops to if you want to show rain clouds and white clouds as different ones. and we chose to make a sun as well. For older friends I would suggest creating snowflakes as well, however my friends wanted to move on to something different and we forgot about the snow. I love to create activities like this because it usually leads to science exploration and extension of play and learning.  Another Activity we did this month is a really fun Tree Activity! this one…