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String Art and So Much More

Hi Everyone!

I have some very exciting things I want to share with you. I have been having a lot of fun with my friends recently and our most recent Art Experience took on a life of its own. I started out introducing a string art activity, and my friends decided that they liked their own methods better (that happens sometimes). Take a look at what my friends came up with. I hope it Inspires you to engage your own creativity.
Originally the strings were taped to the trays and the paint was ON the strings so that no brushes were used.  My friends were supposed to flick the strings to make their pictures. They didn't like the ideas of using the strings so they started painting around the strings and as they came off the trays, they started to mix the strings in the paint. This is an activity that can be used for many different themes. the children had a lot of fun with this as well.

Learning With Curiosity Boxes

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I want to share a fun concept with you today. In my class I like to use "Curiosity Boxes" to introduce new topics and skill concepts. This is a fun way to engage students and children in the learning process using games and play. This is a great way to practice using critical thinking and senses as well. I like to Put items in a box or bag that relates to the topic that we are talking about in class that week. Sometimes I have each student come up and put there hand in and only FEEL what's inside. Then proceed to start a group conversation about our "Topic". This gets the children very excited and involved because some of my friends Quickly figure out what it is they felt in the box after we start talking about our topic.  A great example of this is Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See. I like to take Feathers, Fur, and other textures that relate to the animals in the book and let the children feel them without seeing them. They Quickly realize t…

Exciting Changes Happening At The Creative Campus Preschool Website!!!

TGIF Everyone!

I wanted to write you a little note before the weekend and let you know about the       
exciting changes going on Over at The Creative Campus Preschool Website . I have added the Opportunity for You to work with Me One On One! that's right I will now work with you on a monthly basis to Set Goals and Create A Monthly Plan to Achieve those Goals Using Activities and Play! I still offer all the Games, Skill Boxes and Fun Information as Always. I just wanted to offer the chance to work together to Take Your Child, From Where They Are To Where You Want Them To Be! Educationally and Socially.  If you want more information I Encourage you can look at the website and request The Free "Skill Survey" which is the first step towards working together. I am Very excited about working with you in a more personalized way and I hope you are too!  Enjoy Your Weekend!


Practicing Colors With Ice Cream

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I hope you are all having a wonderful week! I had a wonderful Spring Break and I hope you did as well! Today I wanted to share a fun game with you, that can be turned into an art project as well. I call this "The Ice Cream Game". I usually use this with a whole group, but it would be fun One On One as well. I cut scoops of ice cream from different colored paper. I cut cherries, sprinkles , Whipped Cream, Chocolate topping, Butter Scotch Topping and so on. I put these all in the middle of the circle. I cut and give out bowls as well. Each player gets a turn ( you can use a dice for older children). I make cards with pictures of either "Toppings" or "ice cream" and each player picks one card when its their turn. The group sings the persons name and says which one will you choose? if the card has ice cream they get to pick one scoop. if it has a topping they have to pass their turn until they get ice cream first. Then they can build their Sunday…

Dino Adventure

Hello Everyone!

Today I want to share some fun dinosaur activities with you. I recently did this theme with a group of boys and they loved it! One of the activities that we did was Dino Skeletons! this was very simple and they were really into it. I gave them Popsicle sticks and bendy straws, and I let them glue them on a piece of paper. they then added eyes and to finish it all off they painted over it to give the Dino's skin! they came out really neat looking! this was totally their own creation from start to finish which made it fun to watch! Then I gave me Dino's in goop! I couldn't believe what a big hit this nasty concoction was!
 shaving cream and liquid glue. Let it sit before playing and it becomes slime that wont stick to your fingers!! (I had more fun with it after the kids left hehe). they loved stomping in it and making tracks. Lastly we made volcano's. I think this one looks really cool even though it was very simply done.
 I let the children free paint…

Creating Stories Using Sensory and Objects

I wanted to share a post with you that I thought you would enjoy! This is one of my favorite things to write about.

Movement Songs and Language Development
Today, I wanted to talk to you about “Movement Songs” things like Head Shoulders Knees and Toes or Shake your Sillies out. These songs are often a toddler or preschoolers favorite songs. They are also great for encouraging gross motor activity and body awareness. Making the connection, between your hands as a body part and the label for that body part, helps to build vocabulary and speech. Songs like this also enforces listening skills by forcing the child to listen to what the song is telling them to do. For, instance touching your head or your knees or your toes. If the child doesn’t’ listen carefully or move fast enough they are bound to touch the wrong body part.Another fun song for this is “Simon Says”. I use these songs on a daily basis in my class and its fun to watch the children’s listening skill and coordination …