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Sandy Science!

Hello Everyone!

Our summer is winding down, hard to believe. I wanted to share a really fun activity with you that can be done outside in the summer and brought indoors through the rest of the year. SAND! We did a unit on construction recently and used sand as a part of it.

We started out with dry sand which my friends tried to scoop and pile up. They quickly realized that it didn't work very well. Then I asked them what they thought we could do about making it pile up easier? as im sure you guessed, they all shouted ADD WATER!!! and so we did. this is what they did with the wet sand.
 Sand Castles Of Course! this is a great activity for children of all ages because the younger ones will enjoy the scooping and the pouring, while older ones will get more creative and stack and build with the sand adding more or less water to get the texture they want. To finish off our messy fun day, my friends wanted to construct some creations of their own. So we got out the art supplies and the…