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Sign Up For Invitations To Play With Open Ended Loose Parts !

"Invitations To Play with Open Ended Loose Parts"

Created For Children Between ages 2 ½  - 5

Results  Expected: Educational Growth and Skill Development

What Makes it different from my other
programs? I share activities with you and tell you how to    
re create the activities at home. I also give you questions for Deeper Learning and Engagement with each topic. This way
your only Focus needs to be Having fun and Helping your child Learn and Grow through play.

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6 Weeks Work Of Fun and Learning

I can't wait to Learn and Grow With you as We Play!
Your Creativity Producer, and Professional Mess Maker, Theresa At The Creative Campus
Plant An Indoor Garden This Monday Morning!

Are you are looking for Engaging Garden activities on this Chilly Monday Morning? I have something for you!
Put out Solo Cups, Dirt, Seeds and Scoops! talk to your child about all the different seeds. Let them choose the ones they want to grow!

Questions For Further Learning and Engaging:
1) How Can you Tell the difference between a Fruit, a Veggie a Herb?
2) Which kinds of foods do you like best?
3) What will this plant look like when its ready to pick?

Have Fun Learning and Growing This Week! 

Your Creativity Produce and Professional Mess Maker!
Happy Friday Everyone!  Today is Art Day Friday. I hope you are having fun learning and growing as you learn and study Gardens. Don't Forget If your looking for ways to learn and engage, you can always join the Fb Group. We share everyday! Don't forget, I answer your questions each week. If you have a question about creating Learning and Engagement as you play, Leave me your questions. I would love to help you find fun ways to learn and play together!                                   

If you ever find yourself wishing that you had activities put together for you, that showed you how to create fun learning experiences through play. I have something to share with you that you will enjoy! I will be posting the details soon.

Have a Great Weekend,

Your Creativity Producer and Professional Mess Maker!

Gardens, Flowers, Bugs and Animals! What are you learning this week?

This week we are talking about Gardens In my Facebook group . We are having discussions about what might grow in a garden?  what we can turn those things into (Food). Do things "Live" in our garden?  If so, what kinds of things might live their?  What kinds of conversations are you having with your
Creative Young Learners?  I would love to hear all about your conversations!  leave me a comment or come visit us over at " The Creative Campus". Have a Fun and Creative day Learning and Growing!

Your Creativity Producer and Professional Mess Maker!


Monday Morning Invitation To Play!

Good Morning Creative Friends!

What are you learning this week?  Are you exploring a theme?  Are you looking to learn a skill? What are you looking for to support your learning this week?  I am looking forward to having a lot of fun, engaging conversations this week Here, Over on The fb page and in my group!  I love hearing about the creative engaging ways you like to learn and grow. This Morning I encouraged my friends to go outside with a shovel and a bucket. Dig in the dirt!  see what you find. what does it feel like? what does it smell like. what might your little ones want to put in the dirt? Have fun today as you learn! Leave your comments and questions below and I will share my friends ideas as well.

Your Creativity Producer and Professional Mess Maker,

Theresa @ The Creative Campus.

Have A Creative Friday!

It's Friday .... Friday ! (Doing Happy Dance) I hope you get to enjoy this wonderful day! Today I want you to have some creative Fun!
I want you to create Your Favorite Plant! you can make a 3d Version (stuffed bags, Folded Paper). You can use clay and sculpt. I want you to have fun with it! (post your creations for me to see).  Also I realized I haven't Given you Questions For the Invitations I have been posting .OOPS!

Here are a few:
1) What would you plant in ...your garden?
2) What Tools Would You need?
3) How would you plant your garden?

I posted something this morning I thought you would enjoy reading! If you are looking for tips to build Independence for your child. This is for you! I would love to hear your thoughts. Have a great weekend! 

Your Creativity Producer and Professional Mess Maker! 

Open Ended Loose Parts! Under The Sea

I don't know about you, but I love pretty much everything to do with water. So naturally this is a theme that I get really into and enjoy as much as the kids do.

I have had a lot of fun with this theme over the years. there are a lot of movement opportunities as well as hands on experiences with this one. I have listed some of my favorite activities below.

1) Hand Print Fish (string on line with stick)
2)Fish sponges in Shaving Cream Sensory 3) Move Like A (Crab, Whale, Fish)
Questions For Further Learning and Engaging: What Kinds of animals live in the ocean? are animals the only living things in the ocean? what are the biggest and smallest things that live in the ocean?
You can create a lot of fun Dramatic Play situations. You can defiantly do a lot of science and sensory. I love to put sand out and give the kids water, and all sorts of tools. The creative ideas the kids come up with are endless. On of my favorite art activities I think I have ever…

Are You Looking For A Garden Themed Sensory/ Small Motor Activity? Look No Further!

Today   over in the Group we are talking about Gardens. There are many different ways you can use this theme to teach different areas. Today I Shared a Fun activity that can be used in a pretend play area or in the real life experience Science area. You can read about it here:

I would like to hear what your favorite activities are for This Theme?  Do you use it for real life experiences?  or Do you use it to engage Pretend Play?  Leave me a comment and Let's Get This Learning and Growing Conversation Started!

Have a great day! 

Your Creativity Producer and Professional Mess Maker!
Theresa @ The Creative Campus!