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25 Days of Christmas and Winter Activities.... Week 5

Sensory /Science

Scented Play dough

Art Snow Globes . Use Plastic Jars Or wide mouthed bottles. Fill with objects and glitter.

Lang Dev

Child Directed Winter Stories ( use prompts)


Christmas Light Strand (Color, Number, Letter, Shape) Patterns Game

Dramatic Play
North Pole ( who lives there )

25 days of Christmas and Winter Activities.... Week 4

Pasta Wreath

Lang Development

 Move like a........ (jingle bell, snowman, )


Tree and small parts game (number or letter game  "add 3 items that start with " ")
Dramatic Play Life Size Candy Land  Game
Sensory/ Science  Write in the snow (Kool-Aid)

25 days of Christmas and Winter Activities.... Week 3

Glue/ white paint with glitter  hand print snow flakes

Sensory/ Science

 Marshmallow Building


Ice Cream Sundae Game
Lang Dev

 Build a Snowman (one to one core) Use picture cards and Assigned numbers

Dramatic Play
Ice skating With Plastic bag skates

25 Days of Christmas and Winter Activities Week 2....

Dramatic Play
1) Make A Winder Wonderland

2)Splat Painting (Circle) Snowflake

Sensory Science
3) Marshmallow snowball fight
4)Language Development
Child Dictated Favorite Treat Recipe
5) Math
Marshmallow in hot chocolate Memory Math
Cut and Create hot chocolate cups with numbers on each one. Then make cups with marshmallows in the cups in the same amount to match the numbered cups.

25 Days of Christmas and Winter Activities.... Week One 5 Activities

Happy December Everyone! I am offering a special blog series for the month of December! each week I will share 5 activities for you to use and learn with. Each activity will be connected to Winter Or Christmas in some way! I hope you enjoy using these as much as I have Enjoyed Creating Them!

Circle Christmas Tree

Language Development
Snow Charades

Snow construction (frozen Shave Cream)


Ice Cream Sundae (cut scoops of ice cream, Cherries, Sprinkles and Flavored topping). Give each player a bowl or cone shape. assign each item a number. using either number cards or dice, each player takes a turn and selects the item of their number. The first person to add all the items to their ice cream wins!

 Dramatic Play

Build Ginger Bread Houses With Boxes use a variety of your favorite art products and be creative!

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