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Now The Creative Campus and our "Learning With Our Hands Class" Comes To You! (Restrictions Apply)


"Learning With Our Hands Class"      Hello! I am the creator of The Creative Campus , and I just wanted to write to you and let you know what I have been working on.  I started my own business working with Stay At Home Moms and Nannies. Things have been changing rapidly here at The Creative Campus And I am so excited about our progress I wanted to write you and tell you all about it right away! I have expanded my company YET AGAIN! The inspiration came out of the clear blue sky and I ran with it! I have decided that what I enjoy most about what I do, is getting to know you as Moms and Nannies along with your children and creating new learning experiences that help you grow. Because of this, I was inspired to get into coaching. You can now work with me one on one. I work with you to define your child’s current skills and learning needs. Using a Current Skills survey and I will now work with you on a monthly basis to Set Goals and Create A Monthly Plan to Achieve those Goals U…

Mix and Match Math

Happy Spring Everyone! 

I hope you are learning lots of fun things and enjoying the wonderful sunshine!  I wanted to share something with you that my friends enjoy and yours will too. I call it "Mix and Match Math". I  take things like popsicles and their sticks (paper versions only) and I put Shapes, Numbers and or Letters on both the sticks and the popsicle its self. then I separate them and mix them all up.
I invite my friends to re connect the matches. this can be done with may different items that have two pieces. I also do a version of this with carrots. you could even do this ice cream cones and scoops that match. The fun with this activity is endless depending on your goals. you could even do this will pictures. Cutting them into sections and instructing the children to re connect the edges (which I suggest you cut in designs). I hope you have a lot of fun with this, its one of the favorites in my class. Don't forget....  if you like this and want more ideas, you…

Independant Learning Environments

Independence in the classroom, I believe that all children learn using different methods and because of this we as parents and educators need to offer different experiences that encourage our children and students to learn about the same subject or topic different ways. I believe that doing so  promotes problem solving skills.

Asking questions about the activities that a child has chosen to engage with encourages children to solve problems independently . Allowing a child to be independent and to figure things out for themselves along side an adult that is observing creates confidence in a child's ability to learn. Confidence pushes them to try new things and to keep trying and learning even when they don't succeed at the first attempt . I also believe that the activities that are provided in a child's learning environment should be  based  on child's skills and needs. this way you are encouraging curiosity, along side educational and developmental progress. I like to …