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Elementry School Should Be More Like Preschool! ( Invitations To Play With Open Ended Loose Parts)

Hello Friends! 

 My name is Theresa and I own a company called The Creative Campus. I am known as a "Creativity Producer and Professional Mess Maker" for homeschooling parents and caregivers. I work with Moms and nannies of children 2 years old and older.

 “I Teach Growth Through Play”

 The Creative Campus works with our clients to set goals for learning and Building New Skills. These goals encourage their children to learn and grow using play! Once we work together to set goals, I teach them how to create activities at home based on their child's skills and Interests to reach the goals they set.

I wanted to talk to you about a concept that I have created and started working with this year. This concept is one that is perfect for kids from Preschool all the way through Elementary School. Play based Learning!  I believe that our kids are expected to sit for FAR to long during the course of their school day! because of this, I came up with a way to get them Involved in their…

Top 10 Activites for Back To School Transitions and Routines

1) Work Breaks

2) Labeled Routine Schedule

3) Job Charts

4) Task Sets

5) Teaching Through Stories

6) Behavior Charts with Rewards

7) Homework without Worksheets (Use Loose Parts to bring homework to life)

8) Get Kids Involved in Meal prep as Quality Time

9) Create a Wind Down Routine to promote "A Peaceful Bedtime Routine"

10) Mess Clean Up Games

Invitationss To Play With Open Ended Loose Parts Robots

Robots are such a fun subject. they engage everything from Small motor to Creativity and can even  gross motor. I have used a lot of fun activities over the years on this theme. One of my favorites is my "Build A Robot" game. you get a bunch of parts (eyes ears nose mouth) so on and so on. then you put them in a pile and each player picks a card and adds that part to their robot.
SUPER FUN. I also like to let the kids create their own robots!  they really enjoy this. Boxes, Art Materials and a lot of creativity.  Its so much fun the things they come up with. 

“Robots” Loose parts and invitations to play!
This theme is one that can be used in endless ways. You can use this theme to teach Color Recognition, Shapes, Counting, Color Mixing. I could go on and on. This theme encourages children to be creative and engage in learning. Is there something you might be struggling with? or feeling frustration around while you're creating and engaging at home?  leave me a message and I…