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(5 Activities To Promote Learning and Development) "Join My Free Weekly Email Course "

Hello Everyone!! I just wanted to send you a little extra message on this Friday!  I am so excited to tell you about something that I just created. I often get asked, "Do you have any suggestions how I can get my child to learn" (fill in the blank). It is sometimes hard to come up with an idea at that exact moment without knowing the child or their skills and needs. Soooo I started thinking about how I could come up with answers to this question that would be easy to give to someone off the top of my head. I have created a weekly Email course where I will GIVE you 5 activities on a variety of different topics, delivered to your Email Inbox each week!   5 Activities To Promote Learning and Development" (Each Week Will Be a Different Topic)  I Cant wait to start sharing with you!

Join My Free Weekly Email Course" 5 Activities To Promote Learning and Development" (Each Week Will Be a Different Topic)…

Eye Hand Coordination

 are a great way to use eye hand coordination. Playing games like Baseball, Hot Potato, Play dough is a great tool for creating games that use eye hand coordination as well. You can play a game that I use a lot called alphabet soup that creates letters while learning sounds a much much more. (if you want more information leave me a comment below).

 Busy Boxes  : are a fun activity that I created. These are small activities that children can engage in to practice a skill. one of my favorites is a "Robot" box. They have to choose parts and stick them together to create a robot. ( I have many others on my website).

Projects :

I enjoy providing activities in my classroom that use eye hand coordination. I also love art and I have found a great activity that engages all of it. I like to provide art materials in a bin along with parts of a house. (the roof, side walls, doors ect.) Encourage the children…