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Scavenger Hunts Indoors and Out (Themed)

Welcome Back Friends,

I wanted to share another idea with you that I think is a lot of fun. this is something that can be used Indoors, Outdoors and even while you are out doing other tasks. "Scavenger Hunts". This is a great activity for Home and School! This is an activity that practices many skills such as Critical Thinking, Vocabulary Building, Attention Span and many other things. If your in the store and you want to keep your child engaged while you are accomplishing other tasks! you can give them a pictured list (depending on their age) and you can tell them OK we need to find the things on this list before I finish my shopping or whatever task it is you have your child along for. this gives your child a sence of importance and independence that they have a "Job" to do. like us and leave a comment saying you read my blog, and I will send you my newsletters and many other free goodies. you will also have acc…

Gardens Galore!

Spring is a great time of year, to learn about so many different areas of science. Bugs, plants, Animals. Everything is coming alive and opening up opportunities for questions and learning. I always like to find fun ways to bring the outside IN to my classrooms. A fun way to do this is be creating gardens Inside! these can be pretend or they can be Real. if you want to pretend. you can provide sand/soil in a sensory area, with shovels, buckets and pretend flowers. let the children fill the buckets, dig holes, Plant and even burry seeds. Or you can give the children little cups with real tools, dirt and seeds. Teach them to plant and then eventually care for  the plants as they grow. this is a great way to teach responsibility and independence. each day your students or child would have the job of making sure the plant gets watered, and as it grows they would have the job of picking whatever the plant would produce. this is a fun activity no matter if real or fake. I like to use this a…

Green Green Everywhere!

Happy St Patrick Day Everyone!

I wanted to share the fun day we had today with you all! I Made Shamrock Collages with my friends. Children of all ages enjoyed this one, it was great small motor practice picking the pieces and sticking them to their paper.
 We also made Rainbows with hair brushes and paint. This was a lot of fun to watch! They came out so cool and they were Totally Child Created.

 My favorite thing of the day was the "Surprise" I brought for my friends.  That's right!!! JELLO. They Loved it. This was such a wonderful activity I plan on using it again. I have a NEW favorite Sensory activity. This was a great way to experiment with Texture and Temperature and Scent. I hope you have had as much fun today as we did! Till Next Time! Theresa ( Don't forget you can go over to my FB Page and get lots more Free Ideas INCLUDING MY FREE GIVEAWAY THIS MONTH!

Catterpillars, Flowers , Butterflies OH MY!

Spring is a great time to get out and explore the great out doors. New flowers and popping up, animals are coming out and things are growing and changing all around us. This makes great opportunities for learning about  nature. A great way to pull nature into your art is by making Textured Caterpillar's, Flowers and Butterflies. This is a lot easier then it sounds, I like to give my friends shapes that look like Caterpillar's (circles) this might mean giving them a bowl with some paint and dipping the bowl into the paint to stamp circles. Then the fun begins. I like to give my friends cut up straws of different colors, tissue paper, confetti if I have it. any kind of art pieces that will be bumpy or textured. Encourage them to fill in the circles they stamped with the pieces and before they know it, they will have a colorful textured Caterpillar's, Flower or butterfly. Now if your going to do a flower, I like to use glue and let my friends either dip the pieces in the glue…

Green Is For More Then St Patricks Day!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have gotten a chance to experience the little bit of spring that seems to be surrounding us. This has been a LONG time coming! I wanted to write a little post for you about  "Green". Most times when we think of green, we think of Monsters, Slime and Of course St Patricks day! I would also like to encourage you to think of Spring when you use green this month! Green can be used to make wonderful Flowers/Plants and Even Animals and Bugs. These are some of my favorite things to make this time of year. If you are looking for something fun, I have a really cute activity over there that uses green along with Lots of other fun spring colors.  We made Rainbows In Pots, using Tissue Paper Squares and pot cut outs on paper. You can also use colored paper punches which would be really fun too. I am going to also be posting about a really fun "green" sensory activity. Stay Tuned and Feel Free To Join M…

Discovery Play

Hi Everyone!

I hope your having lots of fun and learning new things every day! I wanted to talk to you about an activity that can be used in many ways. I call this "Discovery Play" I like to set out a substance like Shaving Cream or Jello and provide a variety of toys for my friends to play with IN the substance. This provides a sensory and play experience all in one. One of my favorite things to do with this activity is to set out Cars, People and even little furniture or food. This creates a fun opportunity for play and learning, because the children can use the items in any way they see fit. They can use the food to cook, or they can use all the toys and have the people cook using the food while pretending to be in a pretend place represented by the jello or Shaving Cream. I love to watch the creative thinking that children use when you provide them an open ended play experience like this. Activities like this can also open up opportunities to create stories and develop …

St Patricks Day Fun

Happy March Everyone!!

I am excited to March is finally apon us, although spring is nowhere to be found. I am still

excited to celebrate the coming of spring with my friends. I have a really cute activity

that I want to share with you. This is the first of many for this month. I made Leprechaun

Hat sun catchers. this was very simple and cute to do! I cut a hat from green paper and

punched 3 holes spaced apart. Laced string through each hole and tied contact paper

strips to each one. I let the children stick shapes and metallic objects on the strips. we

used shapes found in lucky charms  cereal. If you would like to see a picture of the

finished product, please head over to and like my facebook page. I post a lot of the things we do

there, you will also find other tips and goodies there. if you like my page and send me a

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I will be posting many…