A New Year Suprise From Your Creativity Producer and Professional Mess Maker and The Creative Campus!

Happy Holidays Everyone! 

I hope your holidays are off to a wonderful start. I have an exciting surprise for you going into the New Year! 


that's right. I have compiled my favorite activities and turned them into a book that you can use to learn a New Skill each week of the new year! I give tips, tools and of course an activity for each day of the week. I know you will enjoy this book as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

The great thing about this book is that you can use these activities over and over. You can swap out the themes or the learning tools you use while keeping the goal and structure of the activity. That was the inspiration behind this book. I wanted to give you my favorite activities, but put them together in a way that they could be used over and over again with different themes, and outcomes. If you want to get on the list to get a copy of this book BEFORE it comes out on January 1st! you can add your name and information to the list Here: http://thecreativecampus.weebly.com/book-play---learn---grow-using-invitations-to-play-learn-and-build-new-skills.html

I have created a FREE online training series as well. this series follows the book themes directly. I give you lots of content around each theme of the book and I give you an opportunity each week to have me build activities FOR YOU that are personalized for what your working on and what you need. https://yescourse.com/store/creative-curriculum-weekly-training-series-eye-hand-coordination-week-1/?ref=4e24

I hope you enjoy the holidays as they get closer. I am very excited to Create and Learn with you in 2017! 

See you in the New Year! 

Your Creativity Producer and Professional Mess Maker!


PS: don't forget you can always pick my brain if you need a little extra help! Creative Content Creator Calls are a great way to get the creative juices flowing during this busy time of year! the best part is THEY ARE FREE for 30 minutes and I create 5 activities Personalized for you! http://thecreativecampus.weebly.com/free-creative-content-creator-call.html


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