Kids Will Never Learn Sitting Still! (Simon Says Construction)

Every activity children engage in should be chosen by them. It Should be connected to their skills, Interests, or Needs . when children engage in these kinds of activities, they naturally grow and learn as they are exposed to new things. When they are interested in engaging with or learning more about a topic then they will naturally engage.

One of my new favorites that I will use over and over again, is "Simon Says" Construction. This is a game that we played today with my " Play and Learn Group".

I have created programs for learning and building news skills using play at home! These are yours to keep as your learn and grow using play! If you have enjoyed my "Simon Say Construction". Then you will enjoy the programs I have to share!  Come Join The Creative Campus: where you will find more details about THIS and other fun activities!

Your Creativity Producer, and Professional Mess Maker!

Theresa @ The Creative Campus!


  1. i like this post, we visit again for more updates , thanks for sharing this article.
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    1. Thank you For Visiting Chris! If you have any questions or Need Help Creating Activities. Leave me a message and I will create something just for you!


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