Did you know that play is a great way to Practice and Grow Skills?

 Here is how you can do it at home!

Play is the natural way that children learn and gain new skills. they explore their environment and use trial and error to figure out how things work. They also watch those around them to get inspiration for exploration. I love to get kids engaged in every day activities in a way that they feel they are just playing. children love to be helpful and do Grown Up Things. Why not make them fun and teach them to be independent at the same time! Encourage them to Put their own clothes away, or Clean their toys up. you can do this by using games that they have to chose items to put away like Color, Letter They Start With, Shape or Even Size.

Here are some fun ways to do that!
1) Button, Fold, Sort Cloths
2) Pour Dirt or Dig Holes
3) Stir, Roll, Measure Ingredients to Cook 

If you are looking for Fun and Engaging Activities put together for you, so all you  have to do is play and learn!  I have just the thing. Preview Class for ""Invitations To Play With Open Ended Loose Parts" http://yescourse.com/…/invitations-to-play-with-loose-part…/

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