Open Ended "Loose Parts" Play With Spiders

Spiders! AHHHH.... I don't know about you, but I do not like them! . However kids seem to enjoy them.  I have learned some fun ways to give kids fun learning experiences without grossing myself out. I use the book The Very Busy Spider. I provide pieces of string that are all different sizes, plastic spiders, Cotton balls to spread into webs, and a back drop. ( a barn or a doll house)... I then let the kids engage with the materials how they wish. Some dump the materials into the barn and create play that way. others build a spider web on the table separate from the Barn or House.
My objective is to let the kids learn and play as they wish. a fun
way to use spiders and webs in art, is to give the kids white tissue paper strips and let them paste the strips onto black or blue paper and then dip their hand in brown paint to place a spider in their web. Turns out SUPER Cute! I hope you enjoyed these activities and if  there something you might be struggling with? or feeling frustration around while you're creating and engaging at home?  leave me a message and I would love to help in anyway I can.


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